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ATIS - Reliable weather information broadcast.

The MTECH ATIS software product combines the power of voice ATIS and a digial ATIS System in one reliable and easily configured application. An additional VOLMET module enhances the ATIS Systems functionality by adding a graphical interface to control the scheduling of VOLMET broadcast messages for a given territory.

In the ATIS Systems module METAR and SPECI messages are obtained by AFTN from a remote server automatically through MITAS's inbuilt AFTN integration. Alternatively the data can be selected from the MTECH AWOS server via the LAN. The Air Traffic Controller adds airfield specific information and reviews the ATIS message which is generated by a computerised TTS (text to speech) engine. The Air Traffic Controller can then publish the ATIS as V-ATIS [Voice] for transmission on VHF or via a navaid voice channel, and D-ATIS, [Digital] for transmission to aircraft via CPDLC. Weather Observations can be added at an operator’s workstation in the MET Office. The ATC data can be entered at a Tower Workstation, or the Weather and ATC operators’ functions can be combined.

The ATIS Systems message format is totally configurable by the use of an ATIS template file. The user selects the required format from a list of available templates or generates a completely new template file which can be stored for later use. Once set, the same template file is used for all messages, until another template file is selected.

The operator can observe all automatic variables, and enter manual observations in a standard form, with fields according to ICAO Annex 11h. 4.3. The last 20 observations are stored for selection by mouse in the ATIS System software.

The system operates in 4 modes:

Mode 1. Fully autonomous mode, updated at scheduled times, or on receipt of METARS and SPECIS.

Mode 2. Interactive, with Operator approval of Publication.

Mode 3. Fully manual ATIS preparation and Publication.

Mode 4. Special Message Mode [fixed message with no updating. ]

Once completed V-ATIS messages are published via VHF, UHF or HF radio transmitters using a 600 ohm balanced line interface. D-ATIS messages are sent via and AFTN data link, or as an option, the MTECH AEEC623/ED-89 compliant D-ATIS server can be used to output messages via X.25.

The system has been designed with COTS hardware where possible and in an industry standard operating system. For high availability a dual server configuration option is available. The system is fully compliant with relevant SARPs including ICAO Annex 3 & 11 Eurocae ED89 and WMO 306 , where applicable to ATIS Systems.

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User of the MTECH ATIS / VOLMET system.

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