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MITAS - MTECH Integrated Tower Applications System

The MITAS system is the ultimate in AWOS weather data presentation and tower applications systems bringing together the power of touchscreen AWOS information with a host of ATC related tools. Designed in conjunction with CNS/ATM professionals this system employs a modular approach that allows for easy customization and expansion of system capabilities. Other capabilities mentioned elsewhere on this site give details of the main modules such as RVR, ATIS & VOLMET, Airfield lighting and AWOS. The following are descriptions of some of the many other features and modules that the system can include:

NAVAid & External Equipment Status Monitoring

A common issue that ATC operators face is the need to monitor navaid and power supply status. The alarm module provides monitoring of the operational status of a small/medium size airports’ navaids at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated RCMS system.

The MITAS Alarm Module is an application which monitors status inputs and alerts the operator when any adverse changes occur to the monitored conditions. Typical status information in a control tower includes: Power supply status, navaid serviceability, communication systems failures etc.

Up to 32 status inputs can be monitored, in blocks of 8 inputs, by installation of optioisolated interfaces in the server.

In the alarm HMI, each status input is displayed on a colored panel. When in Alert status, the panel is colored Red, when in OK status, the panel is colored Green. While any input is in Alert condition, the Alarms button in the taskbar will flash. Disabled inputs are colored Grey and unallocated inputs are hidden.

When any input changes state to the alert condition a alarm sound and visual notification will alert the user.

AIS Browser - Access to Publications, Maps & Directories

For display of text and image data the most versatile MITAS Application is the HTML Browser. This is a fully functional browser, based on the Internet Explorer standard, but with customized navigation controls to suit touch-screen operation. The navigator uses Forward, Back and Home controls, together with a window for text entry of the target file or URL.

The Home address is set in the configuration file. Access to organizational information such as publcations, maps, directories is only a finger touch away. Emergency information suchs as frequencies, codes, procedures and other invaluable inforation can be at hand for easy reference.

There are practilly no limits to the information you can present to your personnel. The module can display PDF, Word, text files and all image formats. Potential documents to display include: Local Rules and Regulations, Regional Letters of Agreement, Weather maps, Terrain maps, aircraft identification charts, AIP data, ICAO Documents, Aeronautical Information Publications and Circulars.

The AIS Browser is supplied with basic AIS templates compliant with ICAO Annex 15.

Triple redundant Time Synchronisation & Display

The MITAS time module provides highly accurate synchronised time information to the network of MITAS workstations and severs. This is co-ordinated through the use of the industry standard Network Time Protocol (NTP).

The MITAS system can be synchronised with a high degree of accuracy to UTC time sources via an external NTP source. This external source may be internet, direct serial or GPS time source. The GPS time source can be used to sychronize other networked devices such as ATFN switches, voice recording technology or communications switches.

The Time module replaces the standard digital desk clock by providing a highly accurate display of UTC time alongside calculations of Sunrise / Sunset and the current date.

General purpose timers and alarms

Using the MITAS timers and alarms module the operator can select one of 12 preset time intervals and up to 12 timers may be active at any time. Each active timer can be labelled to associate it with a specific aircraft, flight number or other attribute.

When each interval timer completes, or when the time matches a preset time of day, the timer will appear in RED and activate an audible alarm.

Automated systems control module

The SCADA module is suited to small scale monitoring and control functions for Navaids, Power Supplies and other similar tower and airport systems involving simple on/off status monitoring and control.

Typical uses for this module include controlling tower interior lighting, sun shade control, security entry and door controls.

CCTV Video Surveillance - Security at your fingertips

The MITAS CCTV module allows the user to monitor locations in or around the control tower through video devices attached to the network. The video is displayed in a user definable window within the module. Any number of video sources can be integrated into the system. The user can individually select each camera and perform a number of functions. With some 3rd party video systems the MITAS user is able to pan, tilt and zoom all from the one convienient touch screen.

SQL Database - Integration, Interrogation and Interpretation

The MITAS system includes its own inbuilt database for storage and retrieval of all information passing through the system. For added interoperability customers can choose to have the MITAS system interface with an SQL server or cluster of servers.

This has several positive effects. The database can be clustered or replicated over several machines or sites. This ensures full business resumption in the case of a hardware or system failure. The information stored in the database can then be used by other applications or systems attached to the network. The user can also use third party modelling tools to interpret historical data.

Forensic quality systems can be put in place for recording of mission critical data such as ATIS, METAR and surface weather messages. The use of this technology also allows for high quality archival of system data.

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A sample of some of the many MITAS modules:

Full aerodrome weather display .

NAVaid status and equipment alarm module.

Lighting strike display module.

Time display module.

Publication, Map and directory viewer.

Airfield Lighting Control.

BITE, Utilities and communication control.

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