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MTECH Opti-MET Aviation Weather Systems

MTECH is a leading worldwide supplier of aviation weather systems such as AWOS, ATIS, VOLMET and RVR Systems. MTECH's expertly engineered systems are designed to meet the strict requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

MTECH's aviation weather systems utilize our state-of-the-art sensor technology combined with specially programmed software products, communications networks and computer systems to deliver highly robust, flexible and expandible systems that meet the exact requirements of our customers.

MTECH has developed an integrated suite of expertly engineered application specific solutions that are suitable for your new green fields site, upgrade or system expansion using industry standard interfaces, protocols and formats that ensure you receive a satisfactory result. These systems form components of the MTECH Opti-MET aviation weather solutions package.

The Opti-MET suite of solutions offers solutions for your aviation weather requirement in the following areas:

* Automated Weather Observation System (MITAS)
* Aviation Weather Mesaging Software (inforMET)
* Mobile Automated Weather Observation System (MAWOS)
* Sattelite Weather Systems (SWS)
* Tactical Weather Systems (600 Series)
* Helipad / Oilrig Weather Systems (HAWOS)
* RVR (Runway Visual Range) Systems (M-RVR)
* Low Level Windshear (LLWAS)

There are also case studies to give you an idea of our capabilities in recent projects:

* AWOS Case Studies

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