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Automatic Weather Observation Systems.

MTECH Systems has been supplying world class, expert computerized weather systems for aviation since 1982. Since that time the AWOS has developed into a sophisticated tool essential for safe and effective air traffic management.

The state of the art MTECH AWOS system is built around the MITAS (Mtech Integrated Tower Applications System) software technlogy. The usage of touch-screen displays, powerful and far reaching TCP/IP based communications technology and world class weather sensor technologies sets MTECH AWOS solutions ahead of the rest.

The MITAS AWOS system is fully scalable and expandible. The same robust technologies can be applied to small, regional, domestic, military and international airports. This allows a customized solution to be built that exactly meets your requirements. The system can meet your requirements today and be easliy expanded to grow with your operations.

In its most minimal configuration a single touchcreen or PC can act as client and server at the same time. This reduces cost of the overall system considerably. Add just one more workstation and you can have a fault tolerant solution with both workstations operating in hot swap server mode. Due to the moularization of the MITAS framework additional tower applications modules, hardware, sensors and comunications systems can be added seamlessly to the system.

Awos System Diagram
Example AWOS system block diagram.

In an example large AWOS system the basic set of weather data is augmented by an expanded range of sensors usual for larger airports. In addition to the weather data available in a smaller system you can add:

* Extra AWS (Automatic Weather Stations) on multiple runways.
* VISIBILITY & RVR if low cloud, fog and haze effect operations.
* WEATHER RADAR images, if thunderstorms occur often.
* WEFAX, APT and HRPT satellite images
* CCTV images for security and Observation
* V- ATIS, D-ATIS & VOLMET weather broadcasting
* RUNWAY ICE DETECTION for extreme weather sites
* WAKE VORTEX advisory alarm
* AIS database browser for static AIS data.
* Control for automated tower equipment (Blinds, Doors, Lights).

In a large MITAS system, the Weather Observer may use the inforMET software to generate METAR, SPECI, SIGMET, TAF, TTF messages for the AFTN. MET observations are then immediately available to ATC personnel. See the inforMET section of this site for further nformation.

Any of our range of tower automation applications can be added to the AWOS system to meet your requirement. Our software and systems engineers tailor the solution for each customer.

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air traffic controller

Controller checking instantaneous surface weather at an AWS site.

Full Weather Display

Full airport weather display summary.

Sensor View

Zoomed View of a sensor sites wind data on compass rose.

AWOS Technology Technology Brief
AWOS Technology Brief
PDF (1093 Kb)

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