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Mobile Tower Weather Solutions

MTECH systems has developed custom solutions for weather monitoring in mobile towers that meet the exact requirements of operators in temporary locations. The solution involves special software and hardware elements that enable the system to automatically re-configure itself in any new environment the mobile tower is installed into.

Custom Solution

The usage and full integration of digital compasses, weather mutli-sensors and LAN communications allow a flexible, compact and information rich weather monitoring system that requires almost no effort to setup. Typical setup times are less than 10 minutes. Utilizing ultrasonic wind sensors the weather data gathering sensors have no moving parts and are contained in a single compact package that is resistant to damage and has high accuracy.

Flexible System

The system has the capacity to connect to existing AWOS or AWS data inputs making the system very suitable as a replacement tower during tower repairs or refurbishments. The anti-glare, high contrast touch screen allows for instant recognition of the current weather parameters. Fully automated system boot and auto-configuration means that the whole system is operational at the flick of a switch.

2008 Grand Prix Deployment

The MTECH Systems mobile tower AWOS solution was used at the 2008 Melbourne Grand Prix to monitor operations at the temporary VIP helipad. The controllers at this site were also responsible for the ATC operations of the fly-by's of jet-fighter aircraft and civilian airliners such as the then very new A380 Airbus. Some photos of the 2008 F1 deployment can be seen at right.

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