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MTECH 5000 Series Runway Visual Range System (RVR)

The MTECH opti-MET Runway Visual Range System (RVR) provides a fully automated assessment and reporting of runway visual range for airports. It's major components are a sensor for visibility, detector for background luminance and a central computer system that calculates the RVR Systems values. Customers can choose from two visibility sensor technologies: forward scatter meter or transmissometer. The central RVR Systems computer collects the visibility data, background luminance data and runway light setting data. Using these values the server calculates the Runway Visual Range, MOR and Visibility values and then distributes the RVR Systems messages, alarms and other information to output devices such as digital displays, computers & chart recorders.

The MTECH RVR System has been designed to conform to all ICAO and WMO accuracy guidelines. MTECH RVR Systems are part of the opti-METintercompatible aviation weather management solution that makes a solid and reliable connection between weather and aviation operations where Runway Visual Range is required.

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The MTECH 5000 EMOR Transmissometer
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