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Latest News for 2012...

30/03/2012 - MTECH Systems participates in SEMIP Technology Innovation Showcase

The South East Melbourne Innovation Precinct (SEMIP) initiative is a unique partnership involving the Victorian State Government, CSIRO, Monash University, Australian Synchrotron, Small Technologies Cluster and Councils of Greater Dandenong, Kingston, Knox and Monash working in consultation with industry. MTECH Systems is proud to be a participant in this highly ambitious project and look forward to future events and programmes as a part of the SEMIP community.


28/03/2012 - Upgraded Tactical Ceilometers Released

MTECH Systems is proud to release two upgraded versions of our proven 8200-CHS Ceilometer dedicated specifically for mobile tactical use by the military. The devices have been further imporved with ruggedization features including internal shock absorbing optics mounts, extensive RF sheilding, hardened casing, mountings and connectors, MILSPEC transit cases and optional Panasonic Toughbook data displays. The new part numbers for the devices are 8100-TAC for the North American Armed Forces and 8200-TAC for other Global Armed Forces.

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27/03/2012 - MTECH Systems supports Earth Day 2012

Earth Day is a day that is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earths natural Environment. MTECH Systems will be participating in a range of national and international initiatives that involve caring for and improving the environment we all live in. The activities will include team tree planting events, local area cleanup day, Ride to Work Day and many other events over the month leading up to Earth Day on 22nd April 2012.

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26/03/2012 - Release of new 860-CD Weather Display

MTECH Systems has released a new hardware display for either desktop or console mounted display of key weather parameters. The 860 display is the latest in the line of 800 series displays that have been produced by MTECH Systems for over 25 years. The device has an Ethernet data input port and also the more traditional RS-232 connection for backwards compliance. The 860 display will automatically adjust to a variety of data inputs including XML output from an MTECH Systems AWOS/LLWAS/RVR System or alternatively direct data output from sensors from a wide range of suppliers including ceilometers, tranmissometers, weather multi-sensor, lighting sensors, digital wind sensors and visibility meters. Devices natively supported include the 4500-LSS, 8200-CHS, CBME-80, WXT-510/520, CL-31, LT-51, 5000-200-EMOR and 7000-300.

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25/03/2012 - Release of Tactical Lighting System for Military Applications

MTECH Systems has released a upgraded tactical version of its popular 4500-LSS Lighting Strike Sensor System specifically for militiary applications. The system includes miltiary specification transit cases, lightweight aluminium mast, battery or solar power options and wireless communications with a range up to 5kms. The system is light and easily depolyed by one person. The system is highly rugged and designed for extended operations in all weather conditions.

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24/03/2012 - Western Australia - Contract Award for 3 Lightning Systems for Mines

MTECH Systems has been awarded several contracts to supply lighting detection and warning systems to mines in remote Western Australia. Lightning detection and warning is critical to protect personel and equipment assets particularly in hazardous areas where refuelling and explosives use is taking place. The sparse desert environment increases the risk of strikes being directed to operational assets where few natural points of lightning bolt termination occur. Particularly ore freight trains are susceptable to lighting strikes. The supplied systems are based ofn the proven 4500-LSS Lightning Strike Sensor and include both PC based displays and audible warning alarms.

Angola AWOS

10/03/2012 - Luanda, Angola - Contract Award for 3 International Airport AWOS Systems

The country of Angola is embarking on a large scale project to dramically improve its airport infrastructure to support growing trade and air travel in the country. MTECH Systems has been awarded a contract to supply 3 International Airport AWOS systems in conjunction with local partner company Telescan who are expert ATC systems integrators in the region. The delivery of the 3 systems is scheduled for mid-2012.

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20/01/2012 - Melbourne, Australia - MTECH nominated for Regional Business Award
Melbourne's South East (MSE) is a regional economic development alliance of 10 local government authorities (Councils), utility companies and state and federal government departments. MSE's mission is to build a collaborative and co-operative approach to economic development in Melbourne's South East which delivers prosperity for the next generatrion. A key initiative of the MSE is the recognition of those businesses that have made a valuable contribution to the MSE economy by acknowledging their success and achievements through the Melbourne's South East Business Awards. MTECH Systems is a proud member of Melbournes South East community and also a proud nominee for this award.

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13/02/2012 - Melbourne, Australia - MTECH participating in the Small Technologies Cluster Program
The Small Technologies Cluster is Victoria’s only cluster aimed at the adoption and integration of small technologies. STC’s principle focus is in assisting Victorian industry become more competitive through understanding the benefits of small technologies in their products, processes and services. MTECH Systems is excited to now be a part of the Small Technologies Cluster community and looks forward to a successful collaboration with the organization.

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20/02/2012 - Treviso, Italy - MTECH completes CAT-III installation of RVR and Ceilometer Sensors
MTECH Systems has recently completed the delivery, installation and acceptance for a delivery of meteorological sensors to form the main components of a CAT-III RVR system for Treviso International Airport in Italy. Working with the local partner company MTECH systems has successfully delivered a high specification and fully ICAO compliant solution to meet the operational requirements of what is widely regarded as one ofthe foggiest airports in Italy.

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