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Meteorological Sensors

MTECH Systems provides a wide range of reliable, accurate, and cost-effective meteorological sensors and weather instruments including ultrasonic wind sensors, lightning detection units, RVR sensors, visibility meters, ceilometers and barometers.

MTECH systems repeatedly plays a leading role in the weather information industry with such firsts as the first digital anemometer, groundbreaking new single lens ceilometer design in the 8200-CHS ceilometer and first class innovation in the new 5000-200-E Extended MOR Transmissometer.

Used by airports, forestry services, meteorological agencies, oil and gas companies, and transportation services, MTECH's weather instruments use the latest advances in technology to assist you in understanding the always changing environment.

* Cloud Height (Ceilometers)
* Visibility (Forward Scatter)
* Thunderstorm/Lightning Detection
* Precipitation (Rain and Snow Gauges)
* Wind (Anemometers and Weather Vanes)
* Ultrasonic Wind
* Pressure
* Temperature
* Humidity
* Background Luminance
* RVR (Transmissometers)
* Masts (Hinged & Fixed)
* Masts (Frangible)

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