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8100-CHS Dual Lens Ceilometer

The 8100-CHS ceilometer is dual lens cloud sensor that is manufactured to the highest industry sepcifications and is proven to operate in the field even in the harsh weather conditions. Employing the latest ceilometer processing technology this device has the ability to detect multiple layers of cloud around airports, helipads, oilrigs and other types of facility. The device is suitable for the North American market and it complies with the requirements of the FAA.

Typical Applications

* Detecting cloud around airports and heliports.
* Tactical ceilometer deployment.

Feature List

* Easy setup and maintenance.
* Long laser life
* Economical Dual Lens Design
* Large measuring range.
* Powerful Microprocessor
* FPGA Signal Processing
* Low weight
* Low power consumption.
* Fixed or portable design.
* Easy to interface
* Large range of message outputs
* Complies with FAA requirements
* Designed for the American Market

Sensor Description

The MTECH Systems ceilometer sensors are cloud detection instruments designed for fixed and mobile installations where accurate and reliable cloud height, cloud ceiling, vertical visibility, cloud amount or sky condition detection are required.

The ceilometer device detects up to 4 layers / bases. The detector design is based on the LIDAR principle and is designed around an InGaAs laser diode. The light emitting component of the device is a high specification diode laser with the output power limited to an eye-safe level. Real time digitizing techniques are employed in signal detection and a powerful 32 BIT microprocessor and FPGA are used in signal processing in the ceilometer.

Please see the technical datasheet for further information on this sensor.

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Ceilometer in front of tower

Ceilometer Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
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