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8200-CHS Single Lens Ceilometer

The 8200-CHS ceilometer is a high specification single lens cloud sensor that is field proven to operate reliably even in the harshest of environments. Utilizing the latest ceilometer technology this is a device with high levels of accuracy and reliability enabling the accurate detection of cloud and boundary layers.

Typical Applications

* Detecting cloud around airports and heliports.
* Boundary layer detection.
* Education & Research.
* Pollution Monitoring.
* Tactical ceilometer deployment.

Feature List

* Easy installation and maintenance.
* Very long laser life
* Compact single lens design
* 26 000 feet [ 8000 m ] measuring range.
* 32 Bit Microprocessor
* Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Signal Processing
* Low weight and low power consumption.
* Fixed or portable ceilometer design.
* Easy to interface, RS232 / 422 Communications
* Large range of message outputs
* Best Price / Performance ratio in class

Sensor Description

The MTECH Systems ceilometer sensors are stand-alone instruments designed for fixed and mobile installations where accurate and reliable cloud height, cloud ceiling, vertical visibility, cloud amount or sky condition detection are required.

The ceilometer device detects up to 4 layers / bases. The detector design is based on the LIDAR principle and is designed around an InGaAs laser diode. The light emitting component of the device is a high specification diode laser with the output power limited to an eye-safe level. Real time digitizing techniques are employed in signal detection and a powerful 32 BIT microprocessor and FPGA are used in signal processing in the ceilometer.

Environmental Performance

The 8200-CHS performs in all environmental conditions from desert to the wet equatorial tropics. The heated windows and the double skinned design with internal heating and cooling maintain the internal systems at stable temperature and eliminate internal condensation under all conditions. The internal optical components are protected from direct solar radiation by an optical solar filter. There are no internal moving parts as seen in inferior ceilometer designs. All electrical connections to the unit are surge protected. During rain and snow or in the absence of a detectable cloud base the vertical visibility is reported.

Data Presentation Method

The 8200-CHS ceilometer has outputs for many different types of display and recording units. Backscatter data is transmitted from the ceilometer to enable graphical display to the end user. An RS-232C, RS-485 or ethernet interface supports local control, test and data acquisition from the ceilometer. For remote control and data acquisition an FSK modem. Wireless radio, microwave, conventional or DSL modem can be used to deliver data from the ceilometer.

Output messages

The 8200-CHS ceilometer has 21 different formats of output messages available as standard ensuring easy setup for your application. The ceilometer device emulates with fully verified accuracy the CT12K , CT25K and CL-31 message formats and also outputs formats such as the MTECH RAW backscatter message. A further 19 optional messages for compatibility with systems or software designed around the CHM, CBME, CIRRUS, 83XX and ALC ceilometer devices are available. The innovative MTECH boudary layer / mixing height estimate message format 22 is also available as an option.

Message Model OEM Message Sub-Class Status
1 CBME-40 / CBME-80 2 1 Standard
2 CBME-40 / CBME-80 2 2 Standard
3 CBME-40 / CBME-80 3 - Standard
4 CL31 1 5 Standard
5 CL31 1 1 Standard
6 CL31 1 2 Standard
7 CL31 1 3 Standard
8 CL31 1 4 Standard
9 CL31 2 5 Standard
10 CL31 2 1 Standard
11 CL31 2 2 Standard
12 CL31 2 3 Standard
13 CL31 2 4 Standard
14 CT12K 2 - Standard
15 CT12K 3 - Standard
16 CT25K 1 - Standard
17 CT25K 2 - Standard
18 CT25KAM 60 - Standard
19 CT25K 7 - Standard
20 CT25KAM 61 - Standard
21 MTECH BSP 1 - Standard
22 MTECH BLE 1 - Optional
23 LD40 1 - Optional
24 8229 A/B/C Standard - Optional
25 8339 Native - Optional
26 8339 Standard - Optional
27 8339 ASOS - Optional
28 8339 Sky Condition - Optional
29 8340 Standard - Optional
30 ALC30 Standard - Optional
31 CHM15K Standard - Optional
32 CHM15K Extended - Optional
33 CHM15K Raw - Optional
34 CHM15K CHM - Optional
35 CHM15K CHM RAW - Optional
35 CHM15K-X Standard - Optional
36 CHM15K-X Extended - Optional
37 CHM15K-X Raw - Optional
38 CHM15K-X CHM - Optional
39 CHM15K-X CHM RAW - Optional
40 Cirrus-100 Standard - Optional

Maintenance Information

A built-in test system indicates failures in the event of a malfunction of all critical parts of the ceilometer. The electronics are located in 4 easily replaceable subunits, i.e. a Power supply, Processor card, a  Laser Module and Sensor Module. The subunits can be filed replaced with spare parts without adjustment or re-calibration of the ceilometer.

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