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Background Luminance

5000-301-M6 Background Luminance Sensor


* RVR Systems at Airports


* Weatherproof sensor enclosure
* Proven in all environments
* Range 3-50000 CD/SQR Meter
* 12.5 Degree field of view
• CIE Photopic Corrected


The 5000-301 Background Luminance Sensor is an essential sensor used together with transmissometers or forward scatter meters in RVR assessment systems. The optoelectronics assembly is mounted inside a weather proof sensor enclosure, with a glass front window and integral hood. The sensor is a high stability silicon photodiode, with a linear response over 7 orders of magnitude of light levels and the sensor characteristic is compensated by a photopic correction filter, to ensure that the reading conforms to the CIE Photopic response within 3%, centred on 555 Nm.

The optoelectronic assembly is temperature controlled, and features a logarithmic characteristic to ensure accurate readings through the whole range of the sensor when used with a standard analogue to digital converter.

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Technical Data Sheet
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