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4500-LSS Thunderstorm & Lightning Detector


* Airports, Terminal Areas and Ports.
* Refuelling facilities
* Mining OperationsOil Platforms 


* Highly reliable operation.
* Easy installation and maintenance.
* Very long MTBF (calc. 10 year).
* Range 360km / 360 degrees
* Low weight and low power consumption.
* Fixed or portable design.


The 4500-LSS was designed to meet the critical need for integrated, automated thunderstorm detection at airports and terminal areas in safety critical operations such as refueling. It provides cost-effective and reliable single-point omni-directional thunderstorm detection. The 4500 LSS Long Range lightning sensor allows monitoring thunderstorm cell development, assessing severity, and forecasting storm path and intensity.

The 4500-LSS processor correlates the electric and magnetic signatures of lightning strikes to provide range and azimuth information. The omni-directional range characteristics provide for ground discharges out to 200 nautical miles.

The thunderstorm sensor will interface with most common communications interfaces and protocols. It has low power consumption, allowing its use in limited power applications. The electronics are housed in a double skinned weatherproof enclosure. The sensor automatically performs complete self-testing to give an indication of sensor status on a routine basis. Its modular design allows for easy preventative and field maintenance, system check, and problem isolation and resolution.

Data Presentation

The 4500-LSS has outputs for different types of display and recording units. Strike data is transmitted to enable graphical display to the end user using programmes like the MITAS Lightning Tracker Software. An RS-232C interface supports local control, test and data acquisition, an RS422 output is provided for longer distance data transmission. Wireless radio, microwave, conventional or DSL modem can be used to deliver data from the sensor.


A Built-In Test system indicates failures in the event of a malfunction. The electronics are located in an easily replaceable subunit within the pole mounted enclosure .

Lightning Explorer Software

The Lightning Explorer software has the ability to display lightning strike data in textual and graphical forms. Lightning data is stored in a database and can be retrieved for analysis at a later stage. Lightning displays are updated from the most recent data as soon as it is available.

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ligthing sensor

4500-LSS Lighting Detector

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