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6000-PWS - Present Weather sensor.


* Advanced Optical Technology
* Rugged Design
* Easy Installation
* Long-term Reliability
* Reports WMO standard formats
* Low Maintenance
* Self Diagnostics & Testing
* Enhanced EMI Protection

The PWS offers the user a present weather automated observation sensor based on leading field proven design concepts. Whilst these sensors are most suited to use in tropical and sub tropical environments this device is suitable for deployment in all climates.

Many of the PWS features make the instrument excellent for efficient, real-time, remote weather sensing. The sensor equipment provides present weather information such as precipitation rate and type in a digital RS-232 output format. Flexible communications options allow linking this device to most data logging devices or it can be linked directly to your PC. The output comes in both NWS and WMO code formats. The PWS's small weight and size make it easy to handle. While the PWS's U-bolts configuration gives the user an easy and flexible method of installation. The PWS is relied on heavily in critical road weather and aviation applications.

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Present Weather Station

6000-PWS - Present Weather Sensor

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