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905 Series Temperature Sensor

The 905 Atmospheric Temperature ( AT )Sensor comprises a platinum resistance temperature sensor, mounted in a multiplate screen. The 905 has a naturally ventilated version and an aspirated version. The flexible mounting bracket allows a number of mounting arrangements.

The Aspirated 905 sensor requires a 12V DC supply from the data-logger or Data telemetry unit to drive the aspiration fan. A 3 wire direct connection to the platinum resistance element can be made, with a usable measurement range within -50 to +80 degrees C.

The 905 is constructed from non hygroscopic aluminium plates, and a robust mounting bracket. The sensor element can be unplugged for easy replacement. The forced aspiration version features a built in 12 Volt DC fan.

All versions of the 905 are fully compatible with the MTECH 2060 Automatic Weather Station telemetry Unit equipment and the majority of commercially available data loggers.

Model Variations

905-M1 (Naturally ventilated)
905-M1-ASP (Aspirated housing)
905-M2 (High Precision, Naturally ventilated)
905-M2-ASP (High Precision, Aspirated housing)

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Atmospheric Temperature Sensor

905-M2-ASP in operation.

Technical Data Sheet
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